Those poor people in china only use iPhones, I am serious. Android does not exist as Google is banned from China. If they only knew the taste of a little freedom..

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    Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Oppo, OnePlus, LeEco, what are these brands selling? ;)
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    I can choose which font I want to use ... I'm so free
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    There are other phone options in China, but iPhones have been incredibly popular. Some Chinese companies have tried to discourage their workers from owning iPhones, and getting national brands instead, because of political reasons and patriotism.
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    Doesn't mean android phones are banned there. Most android oems are from China actually. The only problem is they don't have access to play store, but oems provide their own app store as an alternative
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    @HoloDreamer their stores are even better. Everything is free.

    Actually my cousin in China loves iPhones but she was like shielding music now costs money.

    I open the Chinese Android app store and install 3 apps that all let you download top new music for free.

    I told her, iPhones are for rich people who just love spending money.
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    @allanx2000 *nowadays downloading music costs money
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