PM comes into my office: "Hey, if <client> asks about his edits, just tell him they're scheduled for this week."
me: "I thought they were scheduled for this week, I thought that you were currently in a meeting to get final specs so you could tell me what needed changed."
PM: "Yeah, he wants to take the plugin from 5 steps down to 3, we told him it wouldn't be a problem and we would have it done this week."
me: "Ok, there are limitations as far as what I can cut out of the process, his tag line when he started as a client was '5 easy steps' and I built something that did what he wanted in 5 steps. Changing things this late in the game is not simple, I'm talking a minimum 6 hours of work."
PM: "Well I tried to make sure that what he wanted was possible but I didn't have a developer in the meeting. It shouldn't change anything that much."

He ended up scheduling a meeting with me and the designer to go over the edits Thursday afternoon. So I will have the new specifications which I said would be a minimum 6 hours of work and I will be given ~10 hours in which to do it. I sure hope nothing unexpected pops up while I'm working on this.

I'm also the only developer this week (and technically speaking I'm junior) since our senior dev wrecked his car over the weekend and isn't planning on being in all week. I'm the only computer literate person in the office of 50 or so, which means that if there is any kind of tech issue I'm ripped away from my desk for 'emergency help'. I have two other sites to get ready for client approval meetings by Friday afternoon and if the clients approve I will be launching their sites that afternoon as well.

The sign on my door currently says "Error 500: unable to handle your request" I need something to throw at these people.

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    Why is this your problem? Something has to give, throw it back at management. Let them sort it out so that you can postpone the launches and give you enough time. These fuckers need to do their jobs and manage.
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    Emergency = Google + stackoverflow
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    @wellitonpaiva no, don't even need stackoverflow for any of their emergencies. The last one was that one of the wifi routers was down. We have 3, and everyone is hard wired in so they shouldn't be using the wifi and have been told as much because some applications lose connection when using the wifi. All that needed to happen was plug it back in, someone had knocked the cord while digging around in the server room (read: closet).
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    Our senior dev just quit and I'm 10 months into my first job as a frontend.... also our PM quit and our design team is out for a week. Somehow PM and design issues landed in my lap for a big project while still trying to do frontend. Life can sometimes be a nightmare. I haven't slept much in a week and a half and all last week didn't take a lunch. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us.
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