My company just announced permanent WFH :(

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    You lucky fucker 😎
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    @SortOfTested I’m not sure 🤔 mixed feelings.
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    Depends on what kind of home setup you have. Especially living in a condo with your partner and you both WFH 😑🥴
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    make the best of it. been doing that for almost a year. my gaming pc is very happy to at least be used
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    @JhonDoe lol yeah. I had been doing WFH for a company and I got bored of it. I like office space better. And now this happens 😅😅😂😂

    But yeah, most tech companies are surely going to follow this path.
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    Make pancakes while coding!
    *Real shit*
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    @Ranchu lol did that yesterday 😅😅
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    Which company?
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    Nope. I like the idea of WFH for part of the week, or if the need comes up -- but being in the office and bullshitting with co-workers face-to-face is too much a part of the fabric of my being.
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    Y’all think WFH is awesome. Wait till you have kids and a wife that constantly wants your attention now that you’re home now more than ever and can’t use work as an excuse 🤣

    RIP my brother and his freedom 🙏

    Thought I am expecting a mf to reply that they have the perfect wife and that their kids are saints, I have my firsts ready for you my good sir 👊
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    to each their own.
    love wfh 50% of the time.

    half the week in the office and half the week at home


    mostly at home and go to the office only when it's necessary
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    honestly that sounds awesome!
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    Been on wfh for 2 months, its... Strange. One has to have a high work morale not to let his attention drift, but... Beyond that, at least I didn't have to travel to and fro between the office and home every single day.
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    @Aldar yeah it does require a lot of self control I think. I tend to drift away in random stuff at times and spend only half the day working lol
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    @pr0t0n to be honest, any company should put two and two together and account for somewhat lower productivity when their employees are suddenly to work from home.

    Only time when I can see that working out well is when one has an actual, dedicated, office room at home from which they work.

    But when "going home" is only about shutting down one virtual machine... I get really unfocused on my own home PC
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    @Aldar absolutely. My company is pretty much helping us with anything that we require for setting up home workspace. We can expense mostly anything we want which could help us be productive. So that’s the bright side.

    Only other good thing that comes out if this is now I can move to places with lower rent or buy house far away from city for lesser cost. 🤷
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