Stack Overflow ..Are you kidding ? . <3 people who code . We have a 10+ developers in team still not able to build stable product.

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    How’s your management? A dev team that size with no results may be a good sign of bad management. Unless all your devs are plain retards?
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    10 Devs and you can't ship? You can't be that unlucky. Either your hiring process sucks balls, you're not offering enough compensation, or the team is incredibly badly managed.
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    Wtf are you trying to build, skynet?
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    Sometimes management scrape the shit from the bottom of the barrel,
    Surely there was 1 competent dev down there?
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    Some time small team who work together is better.
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    False people who code
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    What do you mean?
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    @molaram Project planning sucks!. No planning at all
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