hey is devRant super slow and not loading stuff lately or is it my isp who sucks since a week? 😟

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    it was slow in the morning for me
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    mhm i often get this after taping on a notification.
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    Some days both wifi and cell can't get through. I thought it was my adblocker since I disabled it and devRant started working again, although it wasn't logging it was blocking dR 🤔
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    Got the same stuck situation for.. well.. months.
    Always thought it was my phone & / connection.
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    Is it really hard to check youtube for bandwidth problems? Or are you thinking isp hates devrantspecifically?
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    probably Corona in the wires
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    Bruuuu even on my phone its giving a connection error message even as of now
    @DevRant please fix this
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    Today my ISP admitted that they have indeed performance problems. After 3 weeks!!! I mean 10gbs fiber for $35 is a pretty sweet deal. But their communication and customer support skills are abysmal.
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