This is for visual learners 👌

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    Last one makes no sense.

    reduce([🥒,🍅,🥬], mix) == 🥗 would be better.
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    I'm way too used to using these (at least map and filter) with an inline lambda, so seeing a named function there seems weird
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    @kamen yeah same here. I didn't get the Syntax until I read your comment.
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    what a fucking shit syntax
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    You cooked a chicken into an egg? Is that some unbirthing shit
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    Emoji code grinds my gears.

    I'm glad I don't have to deal with this bullshit, otherwise this may be a daily occurrence removing them.
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    Since when is egg vegetarian? I can already hear them screaming out loud that you just ate an unborn chicken

    Could be wrong tho, don't understand most vegetarians
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    @rui902 Vegan =/= Vegetarian
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    I once understood that, but, care to explain? I believed both would say no to eggs anyway
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    Ahhhh.... I like streams.
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    If it's not meat, it's vegetarian. Unfertilized eggs have no embryo, so they contents are just what would feed the embryo's development into a chick.
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    Me too, it would be great if the js array actually implemented them. 😆
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    @Ranchu I like turtles
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    @SortOfTested that makes some sense, not what people have previously argued with me tho, it's hard sometimes to even understand people when so many are just trying to be "trendy"

    Thanks for explaining !
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    @Codex404 It should work the same, just in the case of passing a reference to a function, you can use the same funcion elsewhere too.
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    @kamen yeah I know, I've used it myself, just didn't recognise it without Syntax highlighting. Idk why.
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