Set up my server 2 days ago and hackers already on it!! Geeeeze!! 😂😂

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    Hackers or just bots trying to get access?
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    Just a bunch of script kiddies
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    Lame wankers
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    Yeah each of my servers gets around 30K attempts per day haha.

    Welcome to this world!
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    @alexbrooklyn idk to be honest. Looked up the IP's and they came from

    -China 2x
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    I want a live view of chinese IPs scanning my server as phone background
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    @linuxxx OMG!! This is my first sever, so I was not expecting this. 30k would freak me out! 😱😱
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    I know it’s fun and all to set up your own server, but I find it’s better to just use ANY cloud provider. Cost money, but these kinds of shit are blocked automatically
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    don't sweat it, they're just bots trying to find access and setup files that you shouldn't leave like wordress setup file and so on
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    @NoToJavaScript True, though about it and u said it, the price always stop me. I've used AWS and Azure only the free tiers/trials. Maybe if my next app makes money I'll switch, but for now, have to with my server.
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    @DivSyntax I manage 20-40 servers haha. I'm used to this and have software running to mitigate automatically.

    Next to that I've got a notification System in place which notifies me when a new SSH session starts so unless someone uses a zero day RCE (Remote Code Execution) vulnerability, I'll be alerted the second someone gets in :)
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    @linuxxx Yeeeeeeah, gonna try and set this up on mines. 👍
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    Bastille or similar maybe?
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    Botnet recruiters :)

    make sure to never use default passwords [or simple ones for the matter].

    And set up your iptables/firewalld in restrictive mode.

    DO NOT allow root ssh logins unless you have a password that is so random and strong that neither dict-attacks nor bruteforce would crack them in this decade.

    As for other users - only key auth
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    @linuxxx do you have any software recommendations for logging activity such as bots/users attempting to access a server?
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    @amoux In a webserver context or?
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    @linuxxx what software do you use to mitigate it?
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    @shakur The brute force stuff? CSF (search for this as "csf firewall" since its also a medical thing 😅)
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