I ran out of milk, so used a five second squirt of ‘cream’ for my coffee this morning. That’s ok right, normal behaviour? All this COVID-isolation isn’t getting to me..? 😆

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures, seems fine to me.
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    Coffee. Black, hot, unsweetened coffee, that's the gold standard.
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    Did the same.
    Works out for me, tastes OK
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    @Fast-Nop - yeah, but I drink cheep coffee, so need to mask the taste. I tried to find out about ‘good’ coffee, but quickly ran into too much pretentious bollocks (like wine tasting!) so retreated!
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    "Squirty cream"
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    Pair it with my favorite pie - cream pie.
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    Is the cream sweetened? Then that would be a no go for me.
    Apart from that, there are many coffee variations with cream so it's fine.
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    Ever try adding butter to coffee?
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    @rdwe Yes, except my butter was salty. :(
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    Coffee. It is all good.
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    Aren't people with those electrical sockets supposed to drink tea?
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    Ah, well I try and drink super strong coffee to pretend it’s espresso!
    I can’t even taste tea anymore... 😆
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    I think I’d just skip the coffee and down the cream 😂
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