Hey fellas,

So, our company is taking up some consulting projects to survive this pandemic since our main business is a little down. I've been assigned to a RN project and the client company has 2 other devs. Those devs are so incompetent that they don't even know the basics of JS and RN. They don't even understand how to split code into components and make it resusable. Okay, fine they must be new devs. I get it but can't you even fucking follow the instructions and guidelines that I'm giving you!! The code is very bad with a lot of pitfalls. In the first 2 weeks I reviewed all the code they were writing and gave comments for improvements. They didn't even care to do that! Now I've given up!

Every single day looking at the codebase makes me sick and not want to touch anything. I've practically started hating the project. How do I deal with this situation? Now, we are reaching the deadline and they're piling up the work on me. Any suggestions on how to handle this?


P.S: This is my first actual rant!

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    Is murder an option?
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    I hope you have covered your ass by leaving a paper trail. Everything that you told them to do and they didn't do. Pull this out to project management and start the blame game with the advantage of having the attack.
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    Sounds like my situation.
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    @alexbrooklyn murder is always an option.
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    @alexbrooklyn Unfortunately I don't know them and can't leave home because of this COVID situation. But yeah it could be an option 😉
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    @Fast-Nop Yes I have saved all the slack msgs and comments on PR can't go anywhere. I've taken this up with their tech lead multiple times and he doesn't seem to care either. So yeah, they're pretty much screwed once I leave 😂
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