This is !dev at all, buy I think many devs might share a similar way of thinking.

I just had a discussion with a friend. He told me that he donated 100.- to a poor family he met in Thailand and told me about how good he feels because of that.
I told him that I’ve been donating regularly for the last 8 years and that it’s not about how you feel but about the change you made.

We argued for a while and I realized that I’m using my past donations not only to convince him but to win the argument..

I used my deeds to my own benefit, so I’m no better than the TikTok Bitches showing their bodies for likes..

I’m deeply disappointed in myself.

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    Ref: You only !dev for rants filed as a rant.

    Solid introspection. Thanks for sharing.
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    Different kinds of reasoning. The whole thing doesn’t matter at all. The fact itself is enough, there’s no need for a reason to be approved by someone for you to feel good
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    @SortOfTested yea, it took it over from my last !rant rant.
    Whenever I Post something it stays in the cache and I have to manually remove it from the next one. didn’t see it this time.🤷🏼‍♂️
    I guess that’s the price I have to pay for having a ” handy “ (4”) smartphone..
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    Now I feel like I have to add:

    happy weekend to all of you and fuck the fuckers... Hakuna Matata y’aaaall!
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    I've donated to the poor regularly. For years. Sometimes my entire paycheck. I've cooked for them, I've cleaned for them. Shit. I've even washed their feet.

    The poor people I've helped are: me, myself, and I.

    Ever love someone so much you'd do anything for them?

    Well make that someone yourself and do whatever the fuck you want.
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    Altruism isn’t real. But that’s ok! I am really selfish - and so I work really hard to make the world a better place / because then I reap the benefits : )

    Just be as honest as you can - and keep trying to improve and listen - and be a gatekeeper. When you take care of yourself - you are more able to help other people. So / “selfish” is a messy concept. Just try and be responsible - and to share your learnings. Well, that’s what I think: this week. ; )
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    Yeah, the truth is all humans are selfish and everything you do is driven by your ego, no one is an exception, and that's a good thing. If people weren't acting upon their ego to do good things, they would never be so excited or motivated to do it again and again...
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    I paid my taxes, involuntarily 😛 so I guess I did my part in helping some asshole poor-brain working for the govt keeping himself fed.
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    Altruism very much exists at various levels. The word "learnings" however, does not exist outside of Hinglish or archaic English.
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