WTF do y’all mean when you say it just works “out-of-the-box”.

What’s one Tech buzzword or phrase that in your opinion, shouldn’t exist?

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    To be working out of the box or "batteries included" just means you don't need anything further than running a command or pressing a button.

    E.g. wifi on Linux: it could work out of the box on some distros - meaning it just works. Or you could need to install a fuckton of weird shit and spend several nights to get it working. Which is the opposite of working out of the box.

    Imo it's not a buzzword, just a fancy expression for "this project is actually thought through properly"
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    But for the question: deeplink. This word triggers me so hard
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    @7DeadlyBugs no it doesn't. There is still running software on these machines SERVING your shit. The expression "serverless" is the most bullshit thing ever invented.
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    Its not a buzz word since its benen around for ages:)
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    "Zoom" when talking about phones with multiple cameras. It's not zoom, it's just switching between cameras with different angle of view.
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    Works out of the box means you install it and it works without any prior setup
    It's not a buzzword, it's a term that means "no setup required"
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    When I hear "OOTB" in context of certain enterprise PLM, another phrase comes to mind: "out-of-the-blue".
    It's either flag to change term or change workspace 😂
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    @frogstair Came to post the same. I use this term to describe things you install using some familiar procedure like apt or adding an extension in vscode, and then you can start using it. It's not OOTB if you need to follow a guide on how to set it up and configure it for your environment and use case.

    I don't mind serverless as a term either. Everyone knows your stateless cloud function sits on a physical server, but setup and management of the hardware and software needed to run my code is completely removed from my workflow.

    As for terms I have an issue with, I always have to ask people to elaborate when they say PWA. It has such a loose and floaty definition and people usually refer to one specific aspect within it when they talk about it.

    For every person who can tell you its correct definition, I can find someone who gives you a different correct definition.
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    I hate every single buzzword. They [the marketing department] over use them to the point it makes me mad just thinking about it and I have to find another way to convey what I want in a long sentence what could be previously be done in a single word.

    Fuck those cunts.
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    @nitwhiz @7DeadlyBugs serverless means you don't have to worry about servers running your code. You don't see the hardware, you don't see the os. As far as you're concerned your code might be running on sticks and stones rather than a server - but it runs.
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    Ootb means that you don't have to worry about making changes to make something work. You don't need to install additional soft, you don't need to change the code [though you might require to enable/tune it in configs] to make some feature work. E.G. Shutter: the edit-screenshot does not work ootb, because you need to install additional tools for it to work
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    * "software"
    The word is bullshit and has nothing soft in it.
    * The multiple usage of the word "media" needs to stop.
    * "java"
    It has nothing to do with real java/jawa.
    * "F#"
    It's just ridiculous
    * "ATM"
    Has multiple meanings even in IT. Just find better abbreviations.
    * "slack"
    The name is disattached from the general use of the word. No one slacks on slack.

    There's more, but I cbf.
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    No, your online shop is not an experience.
    No, your admin dashboard is not an experience.
    No, your video game is not an experience.
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    AI, every freaking Tom dink and hairless is creating “AI” to solve problems.

    The most amusing part is the companies claiming to have done this are the most incompetent out their.

    One local telecoms company claimed to do this to prevent sim fraud yet the companies claim to fame is horrible systems, dropped calls and zero customer support, yet they created “AI”.
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    Mint = works out the box
    Arch = good luck lmfao
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