Jim comes in and tells me that server RENEGADE-DB1 has no more space left and that he tried to remove a few ridiculous sized log files, but that the system wouldn't allow him. So he used some 3rd party tool to shutdown the processes that used those log files and then succesfully removed them.

Now the database is not working and Jim needs my help.

Hello darkness my old friend.

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    "log file" probably means the fucking innodb file or some shit
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    Please keep us updated
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    @kescherRant No, it was a SQL Server transaction log file. Mind you, this is a fairly new assignment for me and there's not a lot of SQL Server skill around here.
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    Oh man, DB transaction log...

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    update- we’ve decided to restore the database from a backup. Some data is lost and some people are angry now.
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    Never allow not qualified individuals operate on production systems
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    If some people are angry....

    Well. Jimmy made the dumdum, let jimmy stick it into his bumbum...

    I frigging love people who ask the relevant questions AFTER they pressed the red button without knowing what will happen.

    If you need advise how to.... dexter... people. ;) *winkwink*
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    @IntrusionCM Thanks, nah it’s alright. i’ve made sure that the communication is being facilitated by the perpetrator .
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    I'll leave it here :


    Personaly, "Havesting Blackberries" is the best
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    lol, the lack of thought process =D

    "oh, hey, i'm gonna kill some process on my server that keeps the huge logfiles open, i'm sure the process isn't going to be anything important or related to why that server even exists!"

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