This is the worst day in a while...

- The weather sucks
- I'm out of coffee
- I'm late for work
- I have a deadline very close... that was put there by my coworker who made promises to a client without my knowledge and without knowing the real state of the project...

The gif below explains pretty well how bad I feel today and how much it hurts.

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    Sorry to hear this! Those definitely suck :/ I hope things get better soon!
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    Shit! That's terrible
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    Got to say though, I'm finding watching that GIF cathartic.
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    I need me some bleach for my eyes after watching that GIF.
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    beautiful gif
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    How? CPU pins don’t come off that easily.

    Regardless: I hope things get better!
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    @Root It's scrubbed off after putting it in acid for some hours. It's a way to get the Gold back that is in hardware components. Look it up on Youtube there are Tons of Videos about it.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon That is just sad.
    That poor cpu 😢
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