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    Well written by Jessica Busta... Burstri... Burstrimi... No i mean Burskirizee... Bustrino... Buttstinky...
    Shit! I can't even pronounce the name but all the same, fuck Apple with all its over hyped valuable piss of shit!
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    Dab on dem T-series
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    ...and the oil price
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    It is overpriced, but its damn fine
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    i dont like both, but i think you didnt realize that ARAMCO is only valued because of a part of their public shares, they have still the bigger part which is not fully rated and will never be, some of those parts maybe even many times more worth than even discussed by so called experts... means NO DATA NO COMPARISON
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    @GiddyNaya if thats polish the 'sz' is spellt like a 'sh'
    now you know ;)
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