It's 4:30 AM Theres a mutherfucking mosquito or whatever you call these blood-sucking-whirring bastards in your language keeping me from fucking falling asleep.

Is there a Software or Hardware olution to this

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    Mosquito-tracking lidar that turns on a high-powered laser to fry it in midair.

    Best if there are a pair of these with lower-powered lasers so it doesn’t scorch whatever is behind the bug.

    Alternately it could just illuminate the bug so you know where it is.
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    @Root you think there's OpenCV cascades foor mosquitos? If so I will make a literal laser turret against Bugs.
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    @Ranchu Maybe? But there are plenty of models; generating your own training data probably wouldn’t be difficult.
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    Turn on a light in another room, they will gravitate towards that.
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    Use gun.
    If it doesn't help, use more gun.
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    You’re like a baby. Hack into a mosquito and mess up its bootloader then reset it
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    Imo the best solution is a plain old hunt.

    Ooooor google "mosquito traps", they are very easy to build.
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    @M1sf3t never tried it, but people who did say it works.

    It's basically a bottle covered with something dark (even painted in black) and with something within that produces CO2 (like sodium bicarb) that attracts them.

    Mosquitos enter the bottle and they are not able to leave.

    Again, never tried it myself.

    I prefer hunting and giving the almost dead mosquitos to some spider, or even better never cleaning spider nets in order to have allies.
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    @M1sf3t 😍 sort of
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    pop a can or bottle of coke or club soda in a cardboard box, they will follow the co2 and let you be.
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    I once got soo fucking pissed by mosquitoes this one time, and i set up my camping tent right in the living room, zipped up the bug screen and slept like a fuckin toddler.
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    I mean there is always fire as an option
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    @ritvikdubey27 nope, I just live in Minnesota and we have lots of mosquitoes....and I deal with them sometimes.
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    It's a 'mug' in Dutch! No, not the crime, nor the thing you drink from, the mosquito 😊
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    @N00bPancakes that is just a waist of energy. Mosquitoes hunt by scent not light. There are effective traps that emulate that. You can kill millions of them buggers.
    Usually though it is more effective to have screens on the Windows and doors. Leaves the killing to the bats (they are far more effective then spiders)
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    Science has your answers

    (Cultural history of physics, it's heavy enough to kill a mouse if laid on top gently.)
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