God I wish it was legal to kill people... Taxi driver stopped outside the building.. on the street, not even parked, bur there are many empty spaces that he is also blocking - which would be another issue with these assholes during the day time..parking in the street, going to get some coffee, not the takeaway.. they sit on their fat asses and watch you struggle to park a car cuz it's a narrow street..

And now he's blasting music at full volume.. It's fucking 4 am!! 04:04!! Friggin birds aren't even up yet!!
Fuck you!! One day that it's not extremely hot here and I could actually sleep..and now I can't cuz this asshole woke me up with music.
Just die you sad excuse of a human being!!

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    Just give it the Seattle treatment. Light it on fire.
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    @M1sf3t with you there.
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    @SortOfTested explain to me what that has got to do with Seattle.
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    Lighting things on fire is the solution to everything here.
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    Throw a grenade at his coffee.
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    @rutee07 I was going to suggest a rock or flower pot, but a grenade works too.
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    ahh😂... i feel this one
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    Go down there, knock on the window and when it opens, throw a paintball grenade to the passenger seat.

    Living cobra works too
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    @uyouthe I like the cobra idea, I have a spare or two for cases like this 🤣🤣🤣😇
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    got a dog? stash the poo baggies and throw them at retards whenever possible.
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    You know, for all their faults, there are some things the police are actually good for! I mean EVERYONE has a story of when they got angry enough to wanna kill some sad excuse for a human, which is exactly why killing people is illegal... so call the cops on his ass! Maybe they'll kill him for you and nobody goes to jail >:D
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    @molaram sadly no :(
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    @hamido-san useless.. I live above the cafe/bar/shit thingy..they've also been having unregistered 'parties' late in the night & after closing hours.. neighbour that lives directly above the bar complained to the owner, called the police.. it didn't help much :/ Can't wait to move away from this place..
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    Solution: pick some rocks from the street and stach them
    Hide after every throw
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