TL.DR.: Emojis in commit messages + bad commit messages made by Microsoft™ employees.

Yes, I'm looking at you Microsoft. It would be helpful if I can, you know, understand your commit messages instead of trying to guess wtf _that_ emoji means. That is, if it is the same emoji on my machine. We didn't figure that one out yet. And no, "Some 💄 changes ✨" is not a good commit message, even if you interpret it correctly (which depends on your emoji icon set).

idk about you, but that shitty 💄 emoji tends to be (see image) and I happen to associate that with an XLR audio cable. I had to ask someone else to understand a commit message; a message supposed to be explicit—stating what you changed and optionally why you changed it (you can off-load that part to an issue tracker).

Furthermore, that "Some 💄 changes ✨" commit did none of that. "I made cosmetic changes somewhere for some reason without linking to an issue." If you didn't catch that little detail yet: "COSMETIC CHANGES" is vague as fuck. What is a cosmetic change?

* Does a cosmetic change mean adjusting indentation?
* Does it mean deleting unnecessary abstraction to make the code more readable?
* Does it mean refactoring code to add that beauty factor?
* Does it mean all of the above? Or perhaps a specific combination of these?

Human communication is shit enough, don't make it worse than it already is.

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    On today's episode of things not with complaining about we have this! lol
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    Tbh I don't see how you associate that with an audio cable when it's very clearly lipstick, but I agree nonetheless
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    Lipstick.... aux cable.... I'm not seeing the connection here. 😄
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    If anything it's half a spidf cable.
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    @SortOfTested looks closer to a TRS audio plug to me over a spidf.
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    Definitely optical. Change my mind.
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    @SortOfTested let's agree to disagree 😉
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    @C0D4 bc there's no connection. OP was stretching hard asf for that one lol
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    isn't XLR the 3-distinct-pin round thing, not a 3.5mm 3-seg?
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    Just as @M1sf3t saw what emoji where used. But i read it as style? colour?changes?

    This is a rebus and very much open to interpretation. Both actual words are filler and any commit message with just filler should be removed.

    I have had so many times when a bug occurred in production I had to wade through a bunch of commits in sequence like:
    Small changes
    Bug fix
    Small fixes

    Yes the last one is actually in there just a dot.
    Thanks fuckers. That really helps narrow down the component you messed with.
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    I'm curious. Open Microsoft source? Link?

    But yes. I'd NACK all those commits, since message and the intent of the commit are bogus
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    Niggas be like “some 💩 changes 🤡” and I be like “you 🤡 fired 🐖”
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    I associated it with lipstick and I still took a couple minutes to figure out it means "cosmetic changes"

    @IntrusionCM probably VSCode. I found one commit using the lipstick emoji here: https://github.com/microsoft/...
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    @C0D4 is correct, although not as specific as it could be. This particular TRS-class cable is known colloquially as a "Quarter-inch" cable. Other common variants are 3.5mm (known as aux) or 2.5mm (who tf even uses these anymore).
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    @Parzi you're correct, male XLR cables looks like this
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    @RememberMe @C0D4 I think the point is that you see the middle one. From that one it's not easy to understand it's a lipstick.
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    @electrineer I see the lipstick for 💄
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    @C0D4 what do you see with your favourite terminal emulator?
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    Isn't that a dog's penis?
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    @arcsector 2.5mm is commonly used as the balanced output on headphone amps. It's a special mode to drive headphones (not compatible with normal headphones. You need special ones) to eliminate any crosstalk/interference and whatsoever. It's basically XLR in small.
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    @RememberMe I also see lipstick!
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    The thing is: A emoji can be displayed in _several_ styles.

    And the styles can look very different.

    You can make words precise and simple, but in fact - these symbols only get meaning if someone is nice and represents them in "an understandable way".

    When you implement your own unicode font, you could eg. map lipstick to dog poo.

    It's an exaggeration, yes - but I'm a tad annoyed about the "no it doesn't look like _lipstick_".

    in essence, it doesn't matter what it looks like.

    To use unicode emojis which are font dependent in a git commit message is just _dumb_.
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    Holy shit, if Microsoft can pull this shit, my next commit message will be in Morse Code like this:
    -.-. .... .- -. --. . ... / --. --- / -... .-. .-.
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