You are a Rockstar, my friend!

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    Damnit I'm a ninja. Guess this job ain't for me :(
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    @Stuxnet same here bro.
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    Niggas be like oh yes I can’t write a for loop but I’m raising awareness, I’m an evangelist
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    @uyouthe you should stop using that word 😛
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    @NoMad Are you offended?
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    @Gregozor2121 Not my place to be offended, but he's overusing the word and in the wrong context.

    Also he's using it to refer to "inferior people" in this setting. So yeah I think it's offensive in this context.
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    @uyouthe lmao
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    @NoMad it’s just a token
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    @uyouthe use a word that degrades your own kind then.

    Also, you're not in a western movie. Stop repeating stuff you only hear in TV shows. Despite what you think, it doesn't make you seem cool.
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    @NoMad despite what you think, world of other people doesn’t revolve around them making themselves sound cool. I’ll say what I want, that’s how freedom of speech works. However, it’s your right to stop interacting with me and insult me because of what I say, feel free to do that. Maybe you’ll sound cool then
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    @dfox is this ^^^ ok in your book?
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    @NoMad Grow some skin m8.
    Just deal with it and go on. He isnt hurting anybody with just stupid comment. Go deal with people that hurt other people physicaly instead.
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