I got this recently on my Firefox update. The podcast talks about Surveillance Capitalism and sounds a good hearing but I really don't know on whose side is Mozilla because their browser default search engine is still Google. Its kind of hypocritically confusing.

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    It's really less sinister than what most assume. Both of their products are fundamentally "produce the highest rate of conversion ad platform."

    Is it a risk? Depends. I can say at least at this point Google isn't giving your deanonymized data to governments. You're still better off not giving them your data.

    Anyone who has a Facebook account is batshit though.
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    @SortOfTested Agreed.

    Facebook...who really knows, they have lied to their partners, users, government...they do whatever. They have zero credibility, and history shows no limits on what they will do.
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    They get millions of dollars from Google. It's what's keeping Mozilla going in a lot of ways.
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    @djsumdog Plus, the general public wants Google. It would be suicide for Firefox to change.
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    @djsumdog Yup, I think I read somewhere after the last round of layoffs that it's something between 90-95%. @Lor-inc is also right
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    I'm going to leave this article screenshot here. The article was about how mozilla managed to maintain it's current staff.
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    People using words just to use words
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