Quick, what are some of the most ridiculous requirements you've ever heard. Go!

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    A customer that was angry that our solution preserved width on wide screens instead of stretching out the content so that the right side images that on small screens was in a nice line got interleaved due to to few rows.

    He demanded that we removed the fixed width since all his customers used small screens ...

    He never became a customer :)
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    We need to be able to make both PDF as Excel exports, we don't use the PDFs, and when we do we use the excel file to make the PDF that way, but our current system can do PDF exports so this should make PDF exports as well. But there is no hurry since we don't use it. But it would be nice if it could be in the next release.
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    "we want an email notification if the email goes down"
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    All business logic must be in PL/SQL. ALL of it.
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    "The application has different results than the excel we used before. Change that."

    Turns out the differences come bc the excel sheet rounds each intermediate result and we should intentionally implement rounding errors.
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    @devdiddydog this is beautiful
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