Facebook don’t give a single fuck if you have a million years of experience, you’re going to fucking solve the “algorithm” shit —while they still admit you won’t remember much about it.

The HR guy was damn straight about it: you have to practice a lot.

Bitch, I’m out.

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    I hate this so much. Do I look like I'm going to implement fcking quicksort on a daily basis? If I need an efficient algorithm I will have to do some research anyway so there's literally no reason for me to fully memorize it

    I guess it's just HR being HR. Incompetent as always
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    Yep, won't work there, but even if I had no ethics I wouldn't even consider the cattle call exam interview.
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    @12bitfloat I think it’s more than the HR shit. The developers support it too, and y’all need to ducking stop it.

    HR won’t be in the interview after all, why the fuck will any sane developer ask me to invert a binary tree.
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    @Zer0day what puzzles me is how you didn't know their interview process until you attended it

    It is a publicly known thing that these companies require you to be good at solving DSA problems. There are tons of resources online available to help you "crack" such interviews

    Now, you seriously didn't expect them to provide you a "build a social network" problem to solve in the first few rounds, did you?
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    It's the equivalent of "why do I have to do Maths if I won't ever have to use it"
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    @asgs same shit for all experience level?

    Btw: I’m not sure what part convinced you that I might be thinking that I have to build the product to prove I can work for them.
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    @frogstair Not true. But I get your point.

    Solving an algorithm problem isn’t the issue of course.

    The interview process is just not viable enough to determine how good or bad of an engineer I am. Scratch that.
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    @Zer0day it is not about building an XYZ product. It is usual to expect they ask you to design or achitect a solution for an eCommerce or some ticketing website. They actually do but only after clearing the first few rounds
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    The algorithm question is probably more to check if you can read up and learn on demand.

    And with facebook and other really large ones you never know if they have a team working on better sorting algorithms ;)

    But its also to weed out those that are not committed enough.

    I interviewed with aws and got so far as getting to state a salary expectation, after 4 different interviews over one day.

    But when I learned that it actually was for a position in Vancouver I got cold feet and probably asked for a but to much.

    And no I was not told it was in Vancouver in advanced and I actually never read about it, I got a call with an offer for the interview, no idea why though and the never told me.
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    It'll always be funny to me that you have books about passing interviews.
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    They have too many applicants and need ANY way to cut down the applications, plus that it must be something that won't get them into sued for discrimination, and ideally be able to be largely automated.

    It doesn't matter whether they lose thousands of good engineers because there are still more than enough in the culled down applicants pool.
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