I lurk here on occasion. Quite frequently in fact. It's honesty been years and I've grown up with the community. I'm glad to still see old faces here but many of the ones that I used to see are long gone. Man - it's so different.

It's not the same anymore. There's no longer any gangs or clans or anything. It was really fun.

Another thing I specifically miss when @dfox was actually around. Actually replying to people most of the time. Lately, there just hasn't been any trace of him that I've seen. He comments on averages 2-3 times a month lately, and he used to comment a lot more on average years ago. But I don't blame him. I'm the same.

Everything about this feels wrong and off. I used to love this but now i just don't.

I'm going to formally say goodbye to everyone here. And to the OG peeps, I love ya all, you know who you are.


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    I wish you a lot of good times
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    Deuces my dude
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    Farewell fellow dev
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    Au revoir Mr @c3ypt1c, may you find what you're looking for on the outside.

    As one door closes another door opens - so I'm told anyway, I tend to end up waking into walls.
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    Thanks for all the fish.
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    @F1973 I wish we could
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    @F1973 how do you suggest we do it?
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    Culture is easy:
    Be weird. Have fun. Keep doing similar things. Be cool.
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    @F1973 oh I thought you meant pull people back who left. I feel like we need more ways to bond as a community and for dfox to be more active to give us more morale, maybe content too but most importantly hope that this platform is still supported and cared for.

    It does break me to see people leave since I love this app and community so much. But I do understand why some people who have been around awhile leave.
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    @F1973 I definitely agree
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    I feel like I’m missing some context
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    Take care man!
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