There is only one important rule to live by:

Never lend anyone your 256 GB USB-C/USB-B combo memory stick. There is a 100% scientifically-backed certainty that you will never, in your meager existence, see it again.

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    What if you boobytrap it with a thermonuclear device and a timer?

    I smell a startup idea
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    Borrowed my 2TB USBHDD to my friend for storing his project files on in early February.
    Haven't seen it since.
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    If you give anyone any nice thing like good wireless charger, good wireless earphones, 3m kevlar type-c cable, etc I bet you’ll never see it again
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    Lol imagine giving anyone your wireless mechanical keyboard. I won’t even give it to my mother. For other people I have special cables, that garbage micro usb cables that came with vapes from aliexpress, that’s all I have. But for me I have Nomad Kevlar cables and fuck the whole world
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    I let a friend borrow my phone the other day - I have not seen him since.
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    Next time lend them a USB killer.

    @uyouthe keyboard is a hygiene item. I wouldn't want anyone's keyboard, or at least would need to thoroughly clean it before use.
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    Idk what kind of friends you guys have, but I've lent all sorts of stuff from pendrives through phones up to laptops and GPUs to people, and I always got them back.

    Maybe a part of this is that I always agree on the duration and, once overdue, keep mentioning it every time we meet until I get my stuff back. Also I'm picky about the people I lend valuables to. Except for pens. I always have at least 3 pens I didn't have a week ago and will probably lose or give away within a week.
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    just go get it
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    @sanz *packs up shotgun*
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    @Lor-inc yeah that's what i do too, never had problems getting stuff back.

    @PonySlaystation i didnt even know, that USB Sticks with USB Type C exist 😅
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    If you borrow out a keyboard, always hand over your nastiest keyboard together with a keyboard caps remover, a printed out comparison of bacteria on keyboard vs bacteria in a toilet and a how to properly clean it.

    At least there is a chance of getting it back better than it was.
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    @pxeger oh wait, it was USB-A 🙈
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