I just started playing terraria and holy shit, it puts minecraft to shame in so many aspects.

It actually makes you feel like the mc devs are some fucking lazy ass morons sitting on piles of cash.

Minecraft is 11 years old and it has 4 bosses and they are all underwhelming pieces of shit, jesus christ.

They can't even make mining fun for fucks sake. Work an half an hour or more to get a full set of diamond only to accidentally lose it to lava in the nether.

They added netherite? Holy shit I can't wait to see the new gear I can craft with it.

Pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, sword, helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots. Wow, netherite shovel, that's what the minecraft community needed.

How about an actual battle axe, knives? a baseball bat? Spells? Fucking something minecraft, come on, you can't just have 10 weapons man!

The lack of creative content and variety in minecraft is staggering. Adding a block of a different color and texture is not new content!!!

Also, fuck villagers and the sound they make and their faces. Worse character design ever. Not a single redeeming aspect. And fuck their trading system.

The trade system is horrible!!! One item at a time per character. No text from villagers. They don't have names!!!! They don't feel like villagers!!! They feel like robots!!!! Not a single one of them fights back!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK???? JUST ADD ONE THAT FIGHTS BACK YOU MORONS!!! NOT THAT WEIRD ASS GOLEM!!!


Terraria is not a perfect game, but it doesn't just try to be a good rpg, it actually is.

Meanwhile every 3d sandbox after minecraft will either be a filthy clone or not exist at all by fear of being labeled as such. Because of that I will keep on trashing on minecraft, even though I still play it a lot.

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    It is all about Taste, so I dont like terraria

    3D in Java > 2D lazy ass game
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    I don't agree fully, but I do want to admit I like playing modpacks much more than vanilla MC and haven't played vanilla in years
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    @alexbrooklyn I went from vanilla to BDSM, never looked back.
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    i also like terraria, and gave my mc account to my little niece... have you ever tried starbound?
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    Minecraft is more about creation, terarria is more about exploration, it's two very different genres, and I don't know why so many people compare them
    Yes minecraft has some sort of gameplay, mine, craft, kill bosses, get achievements. But that's not the point of the game. You can create giant monuments, famous buildings, or something absolutely new in minecraft, like that computer I was making, while you can't in terarria. That's why I'm never moving
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    @alexbrooklyn i honestly never really played minecraft vanilla after discovering modpacks, starting with tekkit (before it was renamed to tekkit classic)

    modpacks are the shit 👌
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    If vanilla minecraft isn't enough for you, try rlcraft. You have thirst, temperature and heat mechanic, can't heal from food, f3 debug is disabled, etc.
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    Minecraft is very much sandbox focused, while terraria is more of an RPG with coherent progression and exploration goals
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    Yeah, what they say. You can't genuinely compare them until proven identical in the goals.
    Plus I want to see multiplayer vanilla scripting or varying mechanisms in Terraria - then and only then I will play it more than 20 minutes 😐
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    @devnulli I heard terrible things about starbound, that the rpg styoryline ruins the sandbox.
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    @frogstair @vintprox @LotsOfCaffeine
    wtf are these comments? they are so low tier and lazy it blows my mind.

    what is this bullshit about minecraft being a sandbox and not an rpg? that is an absurd and lazy as fuck defense. if the game has bad features, then they are bad, period, no one gives two fucks about whether "oh well, it's not it's main genre".

    how can you honestly read what I said about lack of weapons and not say "yeah I wished there were more weapons".

    is it about exploration? well I like to explore things that feel alive. Minecraft doesn't feel alive, every village I arrive to feels the same, it feels procedurally generated.

    And there's really no interest in exploring. Even the sea update was terribly underwhelming.
    I remember killing its boss with my wife and we were both like... "that's it?".

    Exploring in minecraft is unrewarded.

    I'm not saying minecraft is bad. I'm saying minecraft always had a huge unexploited potential.
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    @thebiochemic I can consider modpacks, but I don't like playing frankenstein games, too many mods usually make a mess of a game for me, but I'll keep my mind open.
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    @jesustricks lazy replies? Come on now, these two games are focused on two entirely different things. Apples to oranges.
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    @jesustricks I don't play with many mods. Overloading a game with mods makes it hard to keep consistent, because every mod has either a slightly different graphics style, user friendlyness or ui, difficulty etc.

    All my modpacks are custom built, and usually have less than 20 mods. If a mod doesn't perfectly fit into the theme, it won't go into the pack (regardless how bugfree or stable the content is).

    Frankensteining games together only works if you have no standards.

    (in fact Minecraft is the only game i play modded only. Every other game is vanilla, except TES III Morrowind back then)
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