I'm the only one who keep receiving phishing emails about not existing Netflix subscriptions from evident scam email addresses on a daily basis?
I tend to have more of those than newsletters I never subscribed to.

Come on, man, at least try harder to steal my data or money.

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    You're not their target audience, they don't need to make it convincing
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    The thing I am more curious about are the spam emails from sender names of people I have actually a personal relationship with
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    I do t get Netflix, but I'm always getting bank statements and multi login attempts with banks I don't have an account with 🤦‍♂️

    @jespersh they just download the contact list of breached accounts and move on.
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    @alexbrooklyn and they don't want to either. This will filter out the people who are hard to scam.
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    Their target audience is patriarchs of families who themselves don't watch much TV/movies but support 3-4 kids who them and all their friends watch Netflix all the time
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    @C0D4 Same here, and also scam about renewing my domain names before I "lose them".
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