11:30 in my timezone. Was supposed to wrap-up meeting for project finalization 3 hours ago. Sitting here rn, listening to a coworker in management explain the importance of equal respect for all employees in the company. The Boss has left the meeting because he has "better" things to do. FML

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    the boss sounds like a shitheel padding his own ego.
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    @Wisecrack Spot on. A+ tier nutjob with allegedly "the highest amount of skill and drive in the department" as the "bought" trophy on his desk would say.
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    @3rdWorldPoison jesus christ he brought a trophy. I would mock it every time I walked by his desk.
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    @Wisecrack Well, technically, he didn't buy it. We get it from upper management per division per year (like an employee of the month scenario). He sponsors most of their beer. So same same, not really, but still the same.
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