No Wi-Fi = No Food.. Great motivation to pay your internet bill on time... This 'smart' shit is going way too far lol..

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    I like it when I can ping my kitchen stuff.
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    @Linux pinging your wifi doorstep or toilet.
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    You realize that you dont need internet to have wifi, right?
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    Hail esp8266 and it's price πŸ˜…
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    Hidden zombies from IOT increased
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    "...or use as a traditional slow cooker"

    No app or wifi required it seems.
    Pretty unusual for devices like that in a time when light bulbs need to download and install firmware updates.
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    @RazorSh4rk I know but the joke is better under the assumption that you need internet to cook...
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    Imagine having a smart toilet that can only support certain types of πŸ’©. Anything it deems foreign, its unable to process and has a monthly firmware update.. I can actually see Apple making this.. And calling it, iShit.
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    @spunky wait, i DO need the internet to cook
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    I am excited at the prospect of my crock pot being able to participate in a DDoS.
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    Just another device that could be hijacked for DDoS attacks...cool :)
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    @snypenet i'm gonna ddos your stove so i'll ruin yourbfavourite soup.
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    @SweetHuman then I'll DDoS your fridge to make your food spoil...too far?
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    Mirai for the win!
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