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    “Sorry I’m late to work, boss:”
    1) My cell phone ran out of battery
    2) The network was down
    3) My kid dropped my phone into the toilet
    4) The app to unlock my car wouldn’t download
    5) My phone was stolen
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    Many office buildings have magnetic doors to the emergency staircases that can be mechanically opened in case of a power outage. What would happen if Tesla designed these? Oh I know, this: https://independent.co.uk/news/...

    These insufferable tech hype beasts need to finally realize that technology comes in layers and dropping the 'obsolete' stuff often results in shit like that.
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    Even though I don't think Tesla's are all that great I have to admit that this is a bit nitpicking. The car can still be opened without networking. Only if you don't bring your key and rely on the app (yeah it should open without networking, it's a bug).

    @AmbientTea so nobody though of trowing a good old fashioned brick trough the window? My car locks when driving (to prevent robberies). So yeah you can reach the door handles but if the crash does not unlock it I still need people to try the Windows.
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    Now the question is if Tesla windows are breakable. Since they're touting high security they may be reinforced.
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    @AmbientTea Didn't Musk brag about some windows being unbreakable,smashed one and it broke anyways?
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    @AmbientTea @nonox think that is only the cyber truck
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    @nonox it broke but nothing went through, the equivalent of a big-ass dent in a car's body but for glass. Still kind of impressive.

    @AmbientTea while, yes, legacy dropping is usually a bitch, some things will eventually need dropped and there will be pains at first after it happens, but that isn't a reason to never drop anything ever again.
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    No Tesla, no problem...
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