My LinkedIn became full of senior developers while none of them have the basic qualifications to become a junior developer in a rising startup.

Now may I ask how many coding hours do developers need to move from “junior” to “senior”?
Is there an organization that gives those certificates?
Who gave it to you? Who promoted you to “senior”?

Can we stop feeding our egos with fake titles and live a little bit in the present?

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    According to IBM, 2 years, or whenever a lucrative contract or visa lottery approval comes in.

    According to me, not a time metric.
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    Some guy with the title "Head" of some large bank and has 500+ connections and started talking to me. He types like a fucking teenager - zero capitalizations, unnecessary punctuation marks, etc. He asked if we can get coffee and I cannot take him seriously, as tempting as his title is, it just can't be.

    People there just put whatever they want beside their names.

    Senior Fingerblaster Mastermind
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    @rutee07 that's a nice title you got there, perhaps we should do business
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    @alexbrooklyn Okay, but I would require additional protection for backdoor transactions.

    Backdoor Fingerblaster Chocolatier
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    @rutee07 I'd like to go for a coffee with you.

    Let me know your availability for tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Senior Shit poster and 2x startup pooper..
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    Dunno, was asking this some time ago.. + I still don't consider myself senior as there are soooo many things I am still clueless about (especially the terminology behing them)..

    Boss on the other hand was like wtf you're talking about, ofc you are a senior..

    So I'd say you become a senior when you have in depth knowledge of project codebase and workflows and how change x impacts thing A that might not even be in your domain of code.. & know not to do some stupid low quality code changes that can result in fucking up things..
    Come to think of it, this sounds more like being a PM than being a senior, but that is just how it is in our company..
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    If you're a senior and a developer, are you a senior developer?

    señor developer
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    I am that organization. Dm me to schedule a meeting about your certificate.
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    Haha, fuck those seniors. I coding over decade and still junior. Forever.
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    This is the chief executive of desk 1 chair 1 speaking

    I noticed your latest achievements and holding titles and would like to invite you to F2F meeting in your nearest Starbucks

    When are you available? I can meet tomorrow at 3pm and no time else ever for the rest of the year
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    About this many.

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    This is a good question. Although I can solve almost any issue without help. My code is generally ugly and I miss edge cases. When I look at my co-workers code it is super elegant and he catches edge cases before even testing.

    So, until my code doesn't look like spagetti and I can catch 99% edge cases on first go I consider myself intermediate.

    In fact I was asked in interview once what the difference between senior and intermediate is. I said the time it takes to code a solution. Seniors have a deeper understanding of the language and how things are put together in code base. The interviewer said seniors generally can code for all edge cases. After all edge cases are what take up 90% of time to figure out.
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    @superposition i completely agree
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