I have 10 days off remaining for this year... Basically 2 effective weeks...

What should I do:
A) 2 week holiday
B) 2 x single week
C) carryover to 2021 for maybe real holiday
D) a day for each week

Choose wisely 😆 It's my effin holiday đŸ¤Ļ‍♂ī¸

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    If you can take it over, take it over.
    Otherwise Monday’s off and 2-3 days over holiday season.

    Last year I didn’t work on Mondays for the last 2 months of the year 😂

    This year I wasn’t allowed to do that so I just took random Monday’s and Fridays off..
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    2 week holiday adjusting around weekends and Christmas year end.

    I once planned it and got nearly 20 days off.

    There's never tomorrow.

    I once accumulated around 85 leaves and my employer policy is they'd carry over some and encash the spillover.

    Near the end of the year they changed the policy and many people like me 25+ days.

    It still boils my blood. So I make sure to take my days off and save near around cap limit with +/- 2 days.
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    Never be a work slave (sorry can’t use that word anymore) always take your holidays and always do something fucking awesome with them. plan them each year and make them a highlight of your year. save up for them and create some real memories that you won’t forget. Trust me, I spent most of my twenties not bothered about holidays, carrying them over and just wasting them on fucking around. Then I fucking realised I was getting old, and wasting my life away as a wage slave. Book a trip far away, different culture, see and do everything, it doesn’t matter if you are on your own either.

    my answer is 2 weeks all at once.
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    take 2 weeks, so you can appreciate it
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    It's either A or B. I'm with 30 days off and I'm legally obligated to take them until the end of the year. Take them whenever you can.
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    I'm in the same situation. I'm currently doing D for the rest of the year. And I just finished a week vacation. There's nothing to do right now besides a staycation, so a week vacation kind of sucks.
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    Sitting on 45 days 😇
    20 is the company cap.

    But where dafuq do I go with a 5KM (yes 5) lockdown for COVID ☚ī¸

    Company also doesn't have a cash out policy, so.... it's going to be a looooong holiday if the world ever goes back to normal.
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    @C0D4 yeah this holiday thing sucks!

    Thanks for all the input... I think I do first week of Nov and then last week on december...
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