Messed Up my first Coding Interview and that too of Google!

My first rant.

The first question was not an easy one. I cracked it though. Happy. Very Happy! I had 40 minutes left for the second question. And then came the nightmare. Okay, my foolishness.

I compiled my code. Compilation error.
Declared variables. Compilation Error!
Imported Libraries. Compilation Error!
Changed vector to an array. compilation Error!
Checked the loop for edge cases. Compilation Error!
Cannot use an IDE too. Tab's change is not allowed.

My score was still ZERO and I had only 15 minutes left.

Then lazily my eyes went to the language selected. It was C. I wrote the code in C++.

I was coding in an entirely different language!

But..But, the story doesn't end here.
Next, I copied the code and switched languages. NOOO, my code was lost. I couldn't paste my code!!

I checked the timer- 5 minutes left.
Somehow, I managed to rewrite the code. And submitted it at the last minute.

I have no idea what will be the results. I just solved 1/2 questions.

SAD but FRUSTRATED at my stupidity :(

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    The question is: why the fuck C is set by default?
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    Good luck anyway..

    Sometimes I still start coding python in MySQL workbench🤪
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    This just shows why automated Tech tests cannot be relied on to measure a candidates ability. Completly sympathise and hope a human will actually review your submission rather than just auto sending your score as 50%

    Good luck and if you dont get through dont worry, other opportunities will come along and you can try again at Google soon
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    @vintprox because "B" is not a programming language (yet)
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    Good Luck!
    Things get crazier once you reach the technical round.
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