Moving a partition on my ssd to the left. Therfore it copies 98GB. ~50GB of them are used.

Speed: 25 MB/s. Wtf?

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    at this rate.. it might be faster to upload everything to someplace online, nuke your partition, recreate it and download everything back :)

    just saying
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    archive and copy if possible
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    @SortOfTested why would that be faster?
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    Ah, I real that as file for some reason. Ignore :p
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    Answer:Shitton of small files.
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    @melezorus34 wish there was some "raw bit copy" to save the hastle.
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    @nitwhiz less inodes to visit and recreate. And you can do a restore from the archive on a LIVE system while using it.

    [answers why archiving and moving it would be faster]
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    A partition-level copy should be a bitwise copy rather than anything smarter, why would it be faster than your drive's ability to read out data and then write it back in?
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    @mxpil exactly my point - it should be faster than files because there is no filesystem overhead. therefore i expect at least > 100MB/s, it's the same ssd drive after all.
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    What kind of ssd do you use? Does it have a cache?

    Also out of curiosity: Why'd you move a partition like you're doing rn?
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    @jay91 I don't know, some sandisk ssd plus..^^

    I wanted to resize my linux partition. So i shrunk the partition to the left of it. To resize it, gparted moved it to the end of the left one first.
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