1.Open Xcode
2.Find 5GB update
3.Close and go back to Android studio.

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    haha, I have a cross platform app coming soon istarting development n January. I might go with Cordova. Please advise for me on Cordova?
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    4. Open up Android SDK Manager and cry as well :(
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    How can you have a 5go update?
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    @navz I used Cordova & SenchaTouch about 3 years ago. It was not an enjoyable experience; mostly fine, but some ui operations were laggy with a lot of time to fix minor issues on different (Android) devices - iOS was much smoother.
    I've recently started using react not native yet - so cannot comment much. Although I'm guessing you would probably get a better ux as it use the native platform widgets.
    You could also use NativeScript (with angular2 or vanilla-js) if you prefer a different framework.

    Both of these are free and open-source, Although react has a weird BSD+Patents, if you work somewhere at some EvilCorp who really cares about licenses :/
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    @tirrorex Am also wondering.Apple should answer this.
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    @navz I prefer Xamarin
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    @dontbeevil Used xamarin on another project; used mvvm pattern. Was happy with the code-base, but development tools was very hard. Had to keep switching between xcode's IB and Android Studio and visual studio. The UI editing was very very time consuming and buggy.
    If I had to chose between xamarin and c/c++, would probably chose to write a lib in c and do the UI in native ios/android.
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