I have to make a big decision about my future as a developer...
(Long rant)

I am currently in an apprenticeship as a dev.
The thing is i was forced to do testautomatization.

I was there for half a year and had a good time.
But now my trainer (the guy who assigned me all the work and showed me all the stuff I learned) has been fired.

And now it sucks... they don't teach me new things anymore and don't give me time to catch up with the new technologies.
(This was different in the past!)

I was forced to do manual testing for the past few week.
Therefor i am working with a friend and his trainer.

One day i was talking to my friend about how things have changed in the testing-team.

His trainer was listening (we did not know) and sayed: If you want i can ask my boss if it is possible that i can teach you as well.

Now the point is i woud love to work with him. I love the work they do!! (Java; don't hate me)

But it will make the testing guys mad and I dont know how HR will react.

I am pretty sure it will reduce my chances of getting a job (at this company) if I change the team...

Should I talk to HR or not? What do you think?

Thanks for reading and sorry for my english bugs.

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    How invested are you in this company. Do you want to work there your entire career/Life? Because improving your skills and having fun sounds way better than 1 possible career option.
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    @aronmik Idk i am a junior and wheelchair driver... it might be hard to find something new.
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    @needToRoll I do not know your age. But if you have your whole career ahead of you. Knowing more will help you more.

    Cant say anything about the wheelchair. I feel like that should only be an issue if the company has no Elevator and its on the 10th Floor.
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    @aronmik yeah it SHOULD be...

    But your right I am almost sure I will do it... but still I don't know what is going to happen
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    @needToRoll No will never know what is going to happen. So do what you want and what your hearth directs you at ;)
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    Here is the truth... I've found, people get stuck at companies this can be the death of you in tech.

    As your fully aware that is always changing. So should you.

    If the place your working at doesn't allow that you shouldn't work there.

    You'll fall behind and be less desirable to new companies.

    Ideally finish your apprenticeship once it's over ask to be taught properly if they don't care you should leave, half the apprenticeship should be learning anyway so should tide you over enough
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