iPhone > Android

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    Nerd would be pine phone.
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    That's like saying Fiat > airplane
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    whatever platform doesnt take away your rights to do what you want with the product that you paid for and own.
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    The new iPhone is very good imo, but until Apple doesn't allow multiple appstores, iPhones are not better than Android phones.
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    I like iPhones more, but androids are easier and more customizable. And flashable.
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    @Root not all of them are. You have to be very careful what you buy.
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    @electrineer Yeah.

    Phone manufacturers see end users as idiots, and the savvy ones as the enemy; neither are really someone to cater to.

    So we get what they want to sell, and are spoon fed hype so we want to buy it.
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    As an iPhone and Pixel owner.
    iPhone wins for me.
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    I've had an iphone once, all my other phones were androids, including the current one. It's a really hard choice for me: I like how the iphone's interface is polished, easy to use and less buggy compared to android, but androids are much, much cheaper and give me more freedom in what apps I can use (youtube vanced, for example).
    Android always ends up winning for me :/ But if apple were to make ios less restrictive I would for sure buy an iphone.
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    @C0D4 I also own both, but Google Assistant makes the Pixel experience eek it out in my opinion

    Even if you are wanting the locked down experience Android is still better imo. The phone can do more things. It can screen calls, wait on hold for you and let you know when the call has been taken off hold (so if you are on the phone with your utility company and stuck waiting you can do other stuff while the phone waits for you). Translation is better. Google Assistant understands Hindi (which Siri does not).

    And Tasker on Android is a big win. I think if you use it you'll find it hard to go back to iOS.
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    Mediocre b8 m8. I r8 it 3/10
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    @C0D4 shhhh buddy it's ok you don't know what your saying. Just sit quietly and we'll get ice cream soon
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    I'd take an iphone over my S10 anyday to be honest.
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    iphones are overpriced with less features compared to android... Otherwise i have no problem.
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    As a daily phone, I prefer iPhones. For development or hobby projects, I prefer Android.
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    @Stuxnet He's old, of course he's going to like being babysit with big icons and whatnot
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    You people don't use the great KaiOS phones?!
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