I was given a work to refactor one of my colleagues code and found that there was a variable named 'anal'. I was quite surprised seeing it as the colleague was a soft spoken and well behaved guy in office. After scratching my head for 15mins I came to know that he was storing analytics data in that variable. Hence the name! :-D

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    I've been so close to doing the same hah! I always made sure it was never anal though xD
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    Refactoring can be a pain in the arse
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    @tomabolt but it will save you from killing yourself during a production issue, trying to figure out what the hell the some giant method is supposed to do and why it crashed
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    @allanx2000 totally agree with it!
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    It's always the quiet ones.
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    @tomabolt it's not bad if you have tests covering the code
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    So, he stuck the analytics data where the sun doesn't shine...
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    I once went to see my java teacher for sorting out a question and she showed me her code. She had a variable named "dic", which was for dictionary.
    She mentioned it multiple times and always pronounced it as dick, I had to do my best not to laugh on her face...
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    @eeeddr No doubt, she was trying to recreate that scene from "Life of Brian".
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