My cat is diagnosed with leukemia. He has 4 months to live. What am I going to do without him? 🐈‍⬛


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    Make ‘em the best 4 months of his life. God bless him.
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    Give him all the premium tuna and look forward to the next 8 lives.
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    Sending love & loads of ear scratches..
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    That's terrible :( just spend a whole lot of time with him
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    @Cyanide @rutee07 Well said
    Gotta love like a king/queen

    @iiii Unnecessary at this time.
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    @sladuled @ScriptCoded are you two related?
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    @iiii he's only 8, while his breed usually lives to be 15–20 years.
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    Thanks for all your comments fellow ranters!
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    @electrineer Yes, but don't tell anyone.. 😉

    P.S. you are glitching..whad'ya do?!
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    @sladuled I took my pants off and the content ran away
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    Premium cat food?
    Lots of hugs.
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    I hope you don't mind that I hijacked the thread. The ones who commented before me got it so right that I had nothing to add.
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    Sorry to hear that sir. Feed him plenty and give him all your time. (I have 3 kitties)
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    My experience of pets dying is, you get another one.

    I suppose just like romantic partners..

    I'm reminded when I see a dating advert and they want someone with pets.

    I do have a pet, but they are buried in the garden, does that count. :-)

    A bit like one date asked me where my dad was, I said "In the sideboard"..

    Well, his ashes was in a jar there !
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    @Nanos you sound like an AI. "romantic partners"
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    You have to be so PC these days. :-)
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    One of my projects is to develop an AI with my personality, so that I can leave to take over my chatting when I'm gone, maybe it will be good enough that no one will notice and wonder why I'm still alive in 500 years time..
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    Good luck friend. I hope you get through this or something good happens :(
    Cats are really adorable and its always sad to see them go.
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    Life is too short. It's not like you're immortal either.
    Put things into perspective, and adapt another kitten sooner, so that he has someone to play with and you're not completely alone after his passing. I'm sure he loves you and doesn't want you to be sad and suffer, but shit happens. So do take care of yourself, because he loves you. (don't make things harder for him by being sad and sobby. You do know cats feel their owner's distress, right?)
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    I heard honey bee venom destroys tumors. Thats my two cents rumor mongering. If hes gonna die might as well try everything.

    Wish you luck. Sorry about your cat.
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    I might suggest a dog instead of a cat next time.

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    I already have a dog and 7 other animals around the house. This cat was our first, though. He might have lived for 20 years, now he's going away sooner than he deserves, being 8 years old.
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    @rooter horses and chickens (and the occasional rat and mouse, but that's where our cat came in useful). The cat's currently doing ok. Not great, but he's eating and drinking better than before. He's still kind and loving as always, but less proactive.
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    Basically what everyone is saying is make that 4 months his best life ever while giving him lots of love till the end. he will always be with you 🙂
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