Most progress/loading bars are fake.

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    Shhhhh, they'll know our secret
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    That's not something you post on the internet! It's our secret!
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    It's only that tiny sliver between 99% and 100% that really matters.
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    Its a lot of work not to fake it. And besides noone seems to care as long as they think something is happening :)
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    In my old school, we were instructed to make a loading bar even though nothing was loading... We got marked on the loading screen as well as the rest of the program....
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    that's good to know 😂😂
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    What??? Since when?
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    I just hate it when it says 100% and sits there for 5 minutes. 100% means you are DONE! if you are DONE, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!?!
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    they are just fakers
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    The worst is when the progress bar moves forward and then moves back suddenly.
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