Top 10 Signs You're Approaching Dev Burnout (incomplete):

(?/10). You get these random silly urges to quit your job to go live on a farm and raise goats, never to look at another pull request/bug/network issue/DevOps dashboard again

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    You Play games and don't watch courses you bought on uDemy.

    You always say that you're a high paid slave
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    (?/9). Your search history is full of "How to quit my job and make money online".
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    (?/?) You browse devrant with your IDE open on your second monitor.
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    (?/10) You catch a few minutes of Little House on the Prairie while flipping through channels and, despite Mary being blind thanks to Scarlett Fever, constant Indian attacks, Caroline almost dying due to a tiny scratch, the constant fear of starvation, Charles being only able to find work holding metal spikes while someone swings a heavy sledgehammer into it, no modern amenities - not even toilet paper, and Laura - along with the rest of Walnut Grove - almost dying due to an Anthrax outbreak... you kind of think: "you know, that doesn't actually sound too bad, how do I sign up for that?!".
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    (?/?) You enjoy breaks more than coding.
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    (?/?) You have been in front of the computer 8 hours and realize nothing has been done.
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    You spend all ur time cleaning other people's shit while still getting new work signed to u
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    You try a sidejob in a print on demand tshirt shop. You put in countless of hours without a single sell and eventually just give up and continue the job hunt for the next shitty developer job
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