Learning while creating memes

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    Solid first post.
    I approve, welcome to the community!
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    @Ranchonyx thank you :D
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    FINAL void capitalismMethod() {
    //fuck those subhuman peasants
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    But that’s inheritance, and inheritance is fine. Keeps property in the family, yeah?

    Communism would instead be like:
    > Base class: defines method.
    > Different class: our method.
    > Unrelated process: our memory!

    Every variable global, every method public, process memory free to access and write by all.

    See also: windows 95
    See also: flagrant security issues
    See also: remote code execution
    See also: malware/spyware
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    oh, you're right.
    so c#'s extension methods are communist.

    and JS is full-on communism.
    no wonder hipsters like it so much.
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    you called?
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    @Communist what's up Comrade :)
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    JavaScript's father is Java (HAHA it's not just follow me), which is the capitalist language. Communism is born fron discomfort against capitalism, just as Marx predicted. JS is full of open source... so communist... and the web is a communist conspiracy to join all of our minds like the Borg...
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    Out-of-bounds write: OUR return pointer.
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    @Root Every excuse complain about something. Be happy root! It is a fun meme! Smile and forget about bad practices and php for a second!
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    I was never happy.
    I was just less pissed off.
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    @Root haha ok, my inner circle says I'm on the bitter side. But it looks like I'm gonna be holding your beer in this pissed off contest...
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    @wicho 😅

    While it’s true, it’s also a reference to something on devRant from quite awhile ago.
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    Approved! Welcome!
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