TIL: PHP is also the name of a currency.

And compared to USD one PHP is worth about as much as the community makes it seem.

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    damn near a billion dollar industry?
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    @AleCx04 I'm more referring to the part of the community that likes to trash talk it

    ...on devrant, ironically.

    (Your's is the hard truth though. Even the inventor probably couldn't believe that (has an interesting talk))
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    @AleCx04 both smartass and very true, lovely comment mate.

    @LinusCDE yeah he is a bright chap that can really present. Sometimes you notice he's more of a C programmer. He dislikes the over abstracted OO solutions like big CMSes and frameworks. Rather sees most of it implemented in C. PHP is a bit more suited for the task these days though.
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    < 1B seems a bit low/unimpressive; I'd expect it to be much higher than 1/70th the development services industry, considering (at least server header-wise) it makes up 79% of the internet.

    Those numbers tend to be a bit skewed though as advertising the platform and runtime serving the content is usually a security issue and most large sites scrub those headers. Most good applications will also go out of their way to scrub any indicators that can be correlated to a language, framework as well (induced errors, message size limitations, etc).
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    Still more profitable then javascript devs 😅

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    Soooo, negative value?
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