SQL or No SQL?

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    Your data should dictate that, not a random internet persona.
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    Depends on the data. Depends on the app. Depends on the availability requirements. Depends on the scalability requirements. Depends on the database engine. Depends on the persistence model. Depends on a bunch of things that you need to research to accurately gauge this question.

    Computer science is hard. You can't reduce it to inane questions like "SQL or noSQL?"
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    Screwdriver or hammer?
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    Go with OQL
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    @C0D4 What if it's one of us, though? It's good in that case, no?
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    "That is the question"
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    @react-guy geez you beat me to It 😁😁😁
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    Most projects I encountered work fine with MySQL and you can shoe-hammer a NoSQL database into it as well. I've seen it with a project which wanted NoSQL just to have it (because it's shiny new shit). And then implemented foreign keys and other constraints with the Model class as beforeInsert() hooks.
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    U mad or u nomad?
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    Of all the things it could be called, NOSQL is the worst. The name contradicts itself.
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    neither, storing all relevant information in your head, like a true madman, for everything, even your users
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    Big fan of redis as a backend for desktop helper stuff.
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    @AleCx04 post-it notes 🤔 this gives me an idea 💡 PINQL
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    It depends on the situation
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