Would love to be the guy at twitter that banned trump!

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    Fuck off.

    Garbage content is on every other platform, so take your garbage elsewhere.
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    Hell yeah! Fuck free speech! Let's ban everyone with an opposing view point from our monopolistic social media platform, that will surely make the world a better place!
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    What happened to Trump will happen to you.
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    Politics posts are not allowed on DevRant.
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    No problem, I'd love to fuck off as well

    Free speech != bulshit

    A person with influence must be carefull with what it writes.

    Not biased to any party. Not even american.

    Have a nice day boys. Hope every thing turns out good for you. And #staySafe
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    @DreamWave Letting elites decide what is bullshit is the problem, not the bullshit itself. Give them power and you will NEVER get it back. I thought this was something everyone knew, but apparently some people don’t know history.
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    @DreamWave youre severely mistaken buddy.

    Like it starts with "it's just trump" and then it's "just those on the far right" and it ends with everyone who doesn't deep throat the ideas of big tech.

    Next stop communist china wooooooooo @root
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    @Stuxnet also ironic bc there's definitely hundreds of tweets from ppl of power calling for violence back in the summer buuuuuut shhhhhh we don't talk about the hypocrisy ☕🐸
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    @stackodev do you mean mental deterioration?
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    The /real/ problem, in my opinion, isn't Trump or Twitter's decision. It's all rooted in the fact that the general public has lost its ability to think critically and form their own opinions, let alone to converse calmly and rationally.

    This is a large reason I left the US.
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    @Frederick my favorite is "why don't you just make your own platform"

    ..... then they ban that platform.

    Everyone is fucking stupid just end the world already damn lmao
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    @junon The general public never had any critical thinking abilities. It's just that before the internet 99.9% of the population only had any effect on the opinions of their neighbors and family, and would only learn about news directly relevant to them. The unusual part is the need to think, not the inability.
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    @homo-lorens True, good point.
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    I don't mind trump being blocked as an immediate reaction because he was harmful and dangerous. It's clearly no solution to just ban people we don't like, but there is a problem and a true solution may take generations to evolve - the appropriate way for the simple person to access the internet.
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    Look, admittedly, I don't agree with that political party but I try to stay neutral, at least on this platform.
    So please, let's keep politics out.
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