For IT-guys, LinkedIn is like a reverse dating platform. Girls text you and you ignore them.

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    I see ..... *proceeds to create LinkedIn account*
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    So for IT girls it’s just like a dating site?
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    Mxr? 🤔
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    Whaddaya think the fucking joke/meme button is for?
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    hey! maybe OP is frustrated with the current state of LinkedIn and that's why it's a rant as well as a joke/meme!
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    @mysth I got a female recruiter on LinkedIn once who came on to me, trying make me sign for a job. First she invited me to a restaurant to talk about the employer, which I thought was a bit weird, but I thought fine, I like food... then she got kind of tipsy and invited me over "to her place" if I was willing to sign right there.

    I also had an interesting interview with a male recruiter in an office in Frankfurt, who called in a woman at the end of the meeting -- It took me way too long to discover that she was an escort, offered as a signing bonus.

    Considering recruiters regularly get 10-25k per signed contract here, whoring either yourself or someone else out isn't that surprising of a move from people who were born without a soul.

    I'm up for a lot of adventurous stuff to be honest, but in both cases I politely declined. Sex offered as a bribe is a bit of a turnoff in my opinion. I'm more of a spontaneous LSD-fueled orgy on the roof of the library kind of guy.
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    Shiiett right on the gpoint
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    Hahahaha this is a good one.
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    I get harassed by everyone on LinkedIn, but I still laughed lol
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    Hello <name>, I'm searching for my top client a <language_not_in_your_profile> programmer, which is offering <totally_unrealistic_pay> and you seem to be the perfect fit!
    Yeah, sure, fuck off...
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    @100110111 a lesbian dating site
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