For IT-guys, LinkedIn is like a reverse dating platform. Girls text you and you ignore them.

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    I see ..... *proceeds to create LinkedIn account*
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    So for IT girls it’s just like a dating site?
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    Mxr? 🤔
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    It isn't texting YOU if she's texting you for work and opportunities. But I'm curious to know what girls might be texting you on LinkedIn.
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    @100110111 opportunity diggers are everywhere and of both genders. Buy in my experience, it's the other way round to what OP says. Usually it's guys getting informal in your inbox, texting with dubious *work offers* or downright sending proposals and then getting ignored. Whereas if you text a guy regarding any opportunity and do even so very formally, they'd still try to best to take it into another direction until you just regret asking them altogether and you decide to ignore their *help*, so once again it's them being ignored.
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    Whaddaya think the fucking joke/meme button is for?
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    hey! maybe OP is frustrated with the current state of LinkedIn and that's why it's a rant as well as a joke/meme!
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    @mysth I got a female recruiter on LinkedIn once who came on to me, trying make me sign for a job. First she invited me to a restaurant to talk about the employer, which I thought was a bit weird, but I thought fine, I like food... then she got kind of tipsy and invited me over "to her place" if I was willing to sign right there.

    I also had an interesting interview with a male recruiter in an office in Frankfurt, who called in a woman at the end of the meeting -- It took me way too long to discover that she was an escort, offered as a signing bonus.

    Considering recruiters regularly get 10-25k per signed contract here, whoring either yourself or someone else out isn't that surprising of a move from people who were born without a soul.

    I'm up for a lot of adventurous stuff to be honest, but in both cases I politely declined. Sex offered as a bribe is a bit of a turnoff in my opinion. I'm more of a spontaneous LSD-fueled orgy on the roof of the library kind of guy.
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    @bittersweet interesting stories :D I can listen to these endlessly. Like I said, opportunity diggers are everywhere and of both genders. I know of plenty of women myself who seduce and discard once their career objectives are achieved. I had several opportunities to do it myself but didn't bc it's not to my taste either.

    But it isn't texting you for You is it?

    Guys who text girls on LinkedIn are really interested in dating them and offering opportunities in exchange. So shouldn't a reverse dating site be that girls be dying for you and offering you opportunities instead of seeing you as one? Tell me now if a woman, who wasn't recruiting, saw your profile and offered you let's say an unpaid internship or a completely redundant job of no value to her whatsoever, basically gigolo-ing you saying something like, "Baby, you can intern at my office all day any day as long as you wear that dress you're wearing everyday and promise not to be a moment out of my sight. Send full pics xox"
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    Shiiett right on the gpoint
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    Hahahaha this is a good one.
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    I get harassed by everyone on LinkedIn, but I still laughed lol
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    Hello <name>, I'm searching for my top client a <language_not_in_your_profile> programmer, which is offering <totally_unrealistic_pay> and you seem to be the perfect fit!
    Yeah, sure, fuck off...
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