Eh ehe hehe he eh ehehe

On top of burnout, codebase issues, spec issues, burnout, the product butt that keeps on crapping, burnout, burnout, loathing for my employer... My local Apple SSL cert expired. I can’t finish this and push it anywhere for testing. I can’t even run my own specs anymore. And I don’t have permissions to make a new one. I can’t do anything at all.

Ehe he hehe

Deadline is in two days, and I’m just sitting here laughing quietly to myself. I might finally be going crazy

I found a loose bit of tangle, started to pull, and the world decided it was time to fall apart. Reality said it’s time to go. And I wasn’t even a good screwdriver dev. Byeee ~

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    Go play with kids, no?
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    Hypothetically speaking...

    You could lookup whatever fibre cable is connecting to your work and maaybbeee accidentally dig it out and cut it.

    Not suggesting anything here, but screwdriver and folding shovel are much alike.
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    @IntrusionCM Oh, if I could.
    I would dress up like a crazy farmer, call myself Bingo, and constantly talk to my imaginary dog. Maybe go plant and water some potatoes and sugar beets in the datacenter.
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    @Root sounds like a plan.

    Maybe add some fire to it for a nice barbecue place?
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    @IntrusionCM MY CROPS! 😭
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    It is in moments like these that I regret not having followed my entropeneur self, so that I could offer you an easy way out to burnout.

    (Or, to put it in better wording: "you rock and give out a lot of knowledge around here, if I had a company I'd instantly hire you, so take care of yourself or I will release moles on your crops... I don't want sad @root :< ")
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    Just use a real screwdriver to “key” his Tesla that he “worked” for (it’s hard work sitting in a meeting talking about racism or shitty ideas that a headless monkey would laugh at). Then add a few “trump for president” bumper stickers and as a bonus, add a trump sticker to his windshield so he has to peel it off. And don’t forget the “email” 😈
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    @Root you shouldn't burn the crops.

    Burn... Unnecessary stuff.

    The coworkers desk...

    The managers...

    Lot's of good compost.
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    Can’t you just blame your lack of progress to the stupid company policies not allowing you to do your work?
    That’s what I would do. In the meantime I would just work on personal projects.
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    @Root I like that you instinctively decided to plant Root veggies
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    @jeeper 😅 I never would have noticed that!
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    This is it, guys. @Root has reached her final form. This is what pure terror and anxiety looks like.
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