'Work' in the 'work from home' is a myth. All I could do is sleep.

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    WFH for 8 years. Nice commute😀
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    Omg. I am feeling motivated now. ;)
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    "working from home"
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    @jamesh I use linux :(
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    I prefer an office. Too much distraction at home :(
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    As much time as I spend on my own, I need the human interaction of going somewhere. Can't make home your escape if you never leave.
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    All I do is get lost on the internet reading & watching stuff about Genghis Khan, Airship Explosion, Neanderthal, Mammoths, Slavs, Human Evolution, Spanish Times, Age of Empires and other documentaries. So many distractions.
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    @zfor I can relate to that. Near my city apartment, there are 3 libraries. I often go to them in order to work distraction free.

    I suppose a separate space would also do. Preferably a garage, because that's the sort of place where all major IT companies have been born.
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