Hey all i left my toxic job a few days ago. I am searching for a job now. I had a bad experience after i did a interview task for a company a few days ago. The HR had a google meet session with me before sending me the task. She never mentioned that she wants someone who knows mysql. I finished the task using MERN stack. It was a simple blog app with a simple backend. After i sent the task, the HR messaged me and told me to do the task again using mysql. I was shocked, i told her i didnt know mysql...she ghosted me for a few days and today an hour ago she messaged me and told me that i am rejected...i dont know what to do now...

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    Man what a jerk HR person.

    Those folks waste people's time like it's nothing...
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    Learning MySQL and sequalize would take an afternoon to learn. At least enough to make it work for a blogging app. It wouldn’t hurt to learn it for next time 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    I agree with @wackOverflow. Learning the basics of MySQL would take a few hours, and would absolutely help your job search.
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    While of course MySQL CAN be used from the MERN stack... that would be like the last choice most MERN people would go with... typically preferring Redis or RDS or Dynamo...

    Me thinks that HR department doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about and/or had you write their app in MERN (for free) only to decide they want it in LAMP (also for free).

    How many hours you in at this point?

    Remember the sunken cost fallacy.
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    @wackOverflow i know but i like working with mongo db and i love the mern stack, thats the type of jobs i am looking for. I am not saying mysql is bad but i love how easy it is to work with APIs in mern stack.
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