I'm assuming this is a repost. But regardless, how the hell have I never seen this before?!
This is the best desktop ever!!

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    Organise those icons by name alphabetically and you've got OCD Paradise.
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    That's pretty awesome.
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    I'd be too lazy to keep the order and not add "temporary" files and folders and ruin it
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    @juzles those could go on the floor lol
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    But can you align icons like that?
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    @dfox Yes! I want to see some papers laying on the floor near the trash bin.
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    @ReliantFever735 - Yes, you untick the 'align to grid's option
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    @Jop- That's what I was going to say. Windows Bob 2018
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    That is one tiny desk
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    Why would you want a win 10 upgrade on the desktop? And what's that GodMode on the top right?
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    Nice idea and would try but I never see my desktop because i have to much shit opened
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    I will be honest. I set like that... Our school teachers, almost all of them, do that
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    Oh this is from the Windows XP era ^_^
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    @sadjad I think it's 8.1 based on the icon set? For my computer and recycle bin.
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    When I see something like this, I always think "this is someone who spends more time looking at their computer rather than using it".
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    This is an outright atrocity! An abomination! It's like saying, 'oh wow this looks great, my webpage really looks like the entrance of my store, and you must click right exactly on that small pixel to push the door, cause i'm on my phone and i must have a responsive website, so to give you the real hipster wannabefashionableateverithingyasdramaqueen satisfaction... The image is reduced to a fraction of visibility and oooh, look at that cute little pixel...'

    Wtf man this is the looks of windows 3.11 on modern pc's... Pure blasphemy, absolutely haram, evil, ungodly and other religious and atheist swearings you can imagine.

    Also... Clean gnome3 desktop ftw!
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