Today is Israeli Independence Day! We are having a barbecue, here is a picture.

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    Independence from what exactly?
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    Enjoy yourself!
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    Would eat.
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    The British, as is traditional.
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    @N00bPancakes A sad fucking truth for majority of the world.
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    @rantsauce Your mom.

    (That’s a joke.)
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    Happy Independence Day!
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    Independence from the USA, oh hang on that will never happen
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    happy azmaout!
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    @Frederick Most of the Israilis are like, "Our book of God says, this is our land, so its our land. now GTF out of here!"
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    @Frederick I do think it's important to make a distinction between people and their government when it comes to politics.

    Many Americans hated their previous president, many hate the current, and plenty even hate both.

    When people say: "China is doing x", they mean "The Chinese government is doing x". It sounds like insignificant semantic nitpicking, but talking about a people as if they take decisions unanimously, tends to feed racist & xenophobic notions. Before you know it, "The Chinese Virus" is the fault of every person who looks Chinese.

    From my experience, the average Israeli, much like the average Palestinian, just wants to have a fucking BBQ.

    Most of them wouldn't even mind having a BBQ together, if their governments stopped being giant cunts for a second.
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    Although, fuck the British.

    Saying shit like "I'm going to have tea", and eating a fucking steak. A steak is not tea, for fuck's sake. You can't just label a meal "tea", tea is a fucking drink. You're allowed to drink tea for tea. Maybe have a cookie. BUT YOU CAN'T EAT A STEAK AND THEN CALL IT TEA.
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    @bittersweet Although I find your comment funny, I have the itching feeling that I completely missed either the joke or the meaning of your comment.
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    Nothing wrong with some boiled boar with mint sauce to the tea though.
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    The British have a tendency to double declare their constants. Tea already has a meaning, so using it to name a meal causes compiler errors in my brain.
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    Independence day for you = day of execution for no reason for that poor corpse on that grill.
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    @blindXfish Not "no reason" : the reason is sustenance and festivities.
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    @pipe found guilty in getting born as animal. I lost all my compassion for people.
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    @blindXfish I get the message behind veganism, and honestly I think it's a good one. Maybe not the best one, but a good one.
    Anyway, going like "I've lost faith in humanity" because people eat meat like it has always been for eons is just whining like when you think you've deserved the candy that your mommy doesn't want to give you.
    I don't know if your comments were made to change some people's mind, but that kind of line of speech will get you nothing but cynicism and mockery.
    A far better way to make people think and maybe change their opinion is by accepting their views, accepting the fact that humanity has been eating meat since its apparition on Earth and that you won't change that by looking disgusted, and discussing quietly with them, explaining why you made that personal choice, instead of antagonizing them and explaining why they're wrong and they should feel bad. Because the best way to get people to not listen to you is by telling them that they are wrong.
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    @pipe respect. I know that I have to shut up. But can't stand it, that's my weak point, its my kryptonite. Im fine with being judged for it.
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    @blindXfish I've been in heated debates in the past, telling people how they were such morons because I had the real and only truth as opposed to them. Then I've learnt to humble up and realised that saying "Interesting, can you tell me more about your reasons to think that?" and "I think otherwise because..." is far more effective, and I feel clearly better after those kinds of conversation than after an angry argument, especially when the other one concludes with "you know, you got some good points there, that was nice talking with you". Maybe they haven't changed their mind, but at least they get to think about it. Heck, after an open conversation, maybe I'm the one that'll change his mind.
    I even once got Jehovah's witnesses to tell me they may have made a few bad assumptions.
    Don't get me wrong, people *are* morons. It's just that it's not mine to tell them so, since I too am one of the people.
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    Just remember that you represent your beliefs. Do them a favour and don't make them look bad, weak or elitist.
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    @pipe thanks for articulating my thoughts. * inhales | *
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    Is that a real photo you took? 😱
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    @jkommeren yes, this is a real photo I took with my iPhone.
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