What is the thought process which goes behind wearing a mask on a video call meeting?
[a] virtue signalling
[b] Idiocy
[c] <insert your answer>

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    [c] Forgot to shave
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    Definitely b. Unless the virus can be transmitted virtually
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    [c] in a semi-public or public place.
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    c) Hired a homeless person to sit in for them while they went to the bar.
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    Depends, it likely is b but the person could be in the same place as someone they're not living with or isolating (including a public place). Another option (something I unfortunately have experience in) is that they had some pests issues or anything where one should absolutely wear a mask (be it N95, gas mask) for their safety (especially when substances have been used that one shouldn't breath).
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    Masks are cool, no more caring about facial expressions
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    It really helps your future carreer when you wear a mask while negotiating about ransom on a video call...
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    [c] ugly face
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    At first I thought you meant this:
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    [c] Stroh

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    @Nanos: The troglodyte is revealed!
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    @thebiochemic only Germans that that one, hey!
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